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 Makeup Classes

Love makeup?  Don’t know if you’re doing things right when it comes to application or color selection?  Want to learn more? Not to worry, we’ve got you covered.   CMF wants to ensure everyone gets it right!  These classes/lessons were designed with you in mind! Yes, you.  Classes/Lessons are for all beauties that want to not only feel great, but look fabulous and show it too!  You don’t need to be a pro to attend a CMF class/lesson; on the contrary we encourage all beauties to try them out.  All you need is a little bit of patience, a desire to learn, and practice – we all know practice makes perfect!  We have broken classes/lessons down into categories.  You choose what you want to learn and you’re one step closer to: color YOU flawless!


All of our classes/lessons have same or similar layouts. They include a basic introduction to what you will learn in that class/lesson, product overview, demo & application, as well as any Q&A’s. Did you say brushes? A brush overview that includes types, functions and of course how to take care of them are part of each class/lesson.


Each GROUP class has specific brush sets available for purchase.  Brush sets available for purchase will be similar or same brushes used to teach the lesson.  We know after class you will WANT to go home with your own set! The right tools will help you in recreating what we teach you.  All brushes must be pre-ordered and will NOT be available for purchase after class.


Please keep in mind: Not So Basic (flawless 101) is a prerequisite to any other class/lesson. This lesson will be reinforced throughout all other classes/lessons, but will not be broken down step-by-step. Group class sizes are a minimum of 2 students to a maximum of 6 students per class in-studio. All classes/lessons will be held at the Color Me Flawless Studio, if you would like to book a group class/lesson at a different location, please contact us for more information.  All of our classes/lessons are great gift ideas!! – Gift cards are available; we can customize the gift card, the presentation, and even deliver it!




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