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One-on-One Lessons



Makeup Bag Remix                                  

Have a makeup bag or even a case full of makeup you don’t know what to do with?!? Have 101 questions?   Need help deciding what’s still good, what works for you, and what doesn’t? :: Cue the music :: The makeup Gods have heard you!  This is a complete package experience! Bring your makeup bag, case, everything you own … we will go over it all with you, keep what’s good and get rid of what’s not. Then have a private lesson to learn how to use those products to create a custom look just for you! … But wait!!! It gets even better … Want to customize this lesson further?? We can also go shopping with you for new products, and then have a lesson with all of your new goodies!


 Lesson Duration: (est.) 4 – 6 hours


All About “Me”

Want our undivided attention?!? In this lesson … we’re all yours! This is a private lesson customized to fit your needs. We go at your pace, teach you specifically what you want to learn without any sharing us! Any MAKEUP and/or HAIR tips and tricks you would like to learn from general makeup/hair styling to specific looks.    All About “Me” – meaning YOU – is great for: ALL BEAUTIES including - destination brides or guests wanting to do their makeup/hair on special occasions such as weddings, and other events when we can’t fit into your luggage! Beauties wanting to recreate a specific look from a magazine or simply anything your little heart desires. What are you waiting for? Contact us and we will make it happen!


Lesson Duration: (est.) 4 – 6 hours



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