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Group Lessons



Not So Basic (flawless 101)*

The name says it all!  We all know basic makeup is not so basic. Let’s face it, if you don’t know where to start you’re going to feel overwhelmed – well problem solved!   We breakdown the basics, this is the low down from start to finish on what you need to know before creating any makeup look.  This class is REQUIRED before moving on to more flawlessness.


Class Duration: (est.) 3 hours    

**Prerequisite to all other makeup classes offered, EXCEPT private lessons**



Beauty Next Door

Take your Not So Basic (flawless 101) knowledge up a notch! Off to work, school, perhaps a business meeting, or brunch? Look put together but NEVER overdone.  Daytime shadow combinations, liner, and simple contour techniques are just some of what’s in store. Trust us, after this Beauty Next Door class, you will leave everyone looking twice at you and your ‘effortless beauty’.  Not So Basic (flawless 101) is REQUIRED before this class.


Class Duration: (est.) 3 hours    


Glam After Dark

After dark: Lights, Camera, Glam! Now that you’ve basically mastered your Not So Basic (flawless 101) and Girl Next Door looks.  It’s time to take things to a whole other level.  Let’s bring out your sassy, celebrity, red-carpet, all eyes on you self; smoky-eyes, liquid liner, lashes and all!  Get ready, because the Paparazzi will be wondering - Who is the new star in town?  Not So Basic (flawless 101) is REQUIRED & Beauty Next Door is RECOMMENDED before this class.


Class Duration: (est.) 3 hours   



Day-to-Night, Beauty & Glamour                  

This class is for the more advanced beauties that already have a good foundation of makeup knowledge and application. This is intense and fast paced, if you need step-by-step instructions this class isn’t for you, at least not initially.  Turn your beauty day look into a glamourous evening one with a few extra steps to transform you in as simple as one, two, fab! This intensive is for all beauties, but a MUST for any dancers, actresses, ladies in the industry that need to know how to look camera ready at all times.


Class Duration: (est.) 4 hours  



More Than a Pretty Face

Got all the basics mastered?  Awesome!  We know you beauties are More Than a Pretty Face … these feature focused lessons are aimed at trying something out of the ordinary.  We will focus, recreate, and perfect specific looks or techniques. For example: winged liner and bold lips, smoky-eyes, play with colors and even add a little sparkle.   These shorter lessons are seasonal.  Feel free to email us with looks you would like to recreate.


Class Duration: (est.) 1.5 - 2 hours 




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